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About Our Founder

Regina White has nearly 18 years of experience as a street outreach specialist and life coach for MHALA ( Mental Health Of America) in Long Beach Ca. working alongside her mentor and HAP case management/worker Mr. Cherokee Morrison, a Vietnam Vet that was one of the first caseworker hired in the early days of Village ISA located in the basement. After seeking assistance with mental evaluation and intake in 2004, Regina became his assistant working the only on-street team for the homeless living in and around the Long Beach area spanning the cities of San Pedro, Wilmington, and Compton. Finding her specialty in helping others and leading them in the right direction of overcoming life's economic and socially stagnate situations. Knowing what it took to get her on her feet and maintain life stability she changed her major to Human Services and is currently certificate accredited and due to receive her degree. She attributes her being a survivor of mental illness and homelessness to encourage self-sufficiency, self-reliance, and the will to continue to challenge clients, as well as herself, to strive toward a better quality of life. She lost her mentor in 2015, and she began her journey to follow in his footsteps and create Omni Community Alliance, a nonprofit organization that is dedicated to becoming a resolution to homelessness, by providing clients the knowledge, skills, and the resources to become independently housed. We understand that everyone should have the opportunity to have stability. We offer the services and referrals to our concierge partners(credit repair, finance coaching, affordable housing education, first-time homebuyer programs) for building productive and progressive economic opportunities. From homeless to homeownership has its possibilities and we are meeting our clients where they are and offering the tools needed to become permanently housed and life sustainable. Moreover, Omni Community Alliance provides adequate and necessary referrals to agency professionals that assist with the assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of mental illness and homelessness.



Board of Directors

Regina White, President

Darlene Ross, Secretary

La Chon Moorehead, Treasurer

Client Services

Assistance with emergency, temporary, and permanent housing. Life Skill Coaching and Team/Peer Support Services for all clients. Our services include:

• Outreach and engagement

• Well being and Wellness Education Information

• Benefits and income services

• Housing services, credit repair, first-time homebuyer assistance

• Wellness, resilience, and life skills programs

• Employment and vocational services, including social enterprise opportunities

• transition-age youth services

• Specialized services for Veterans

• Re-entry

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